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Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy

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Warriors Super Edition Bluestars Prophecy
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Author: Erin Hunter

Written by Erin Hunter and it was published on the 1st of June, 2010 by HarperCollins. The kids book has 560 pages. The kids book is 1.25"H x 7.62"L x 5.54"W. It has a weight of 2.13 lbs. Allow yourself to end up being immersed inside this book. Acquire a copy of this book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

Bluestar— leader of Thunder Clan— has been prophesied to guide her Clan to power in a time of great turmoil. Will she protect her Clan? Or collapse beneath the weight of her destiny? But closely guarded secrets from the past haunt her each and every paw step, and dark shadows whisper in her ears.


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