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Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path, No. 2 - A Clan In Need

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Warriors Ravenpaws Path


Author: Erin Hunter / Dan Jolley

Searching for a nice kids book? Consider Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path, No. 2 - A Clan In Need written by Erin Hunter / Dan Jolley. The author is Erin Hunter / Dan Jolley and it was published sometime in March of 2010 by HarperCollins. The book is 112 pages long. The book is 7.44"H x 5"L x 0.39"W. It has got a weight of 0.25 lbs, add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

Ravenpaw and Barley happen to be driven away from their farm by a group of vicious cats. Now the two loners ought to turn to Thunder Clan— led by Ravenpaw's friend Firestar— for shelter. Firestar takes them in and promises to help them take back their home as soon as possible, but Thunder Clan is in great danger. And will they ever be in a position to get home again? Blood Clan cats have been launching raids on Thunder Clan's territory and attacking Clan patrols. Can Ravenpaw and Barley help Firestar and his Clan fight off their enemies?


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