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Warriors Field Guide: Secrets Of The Clans

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Warriors Field Guide Secrets


Author: Erin Hunter


Provides background information about the history, characters, and places of significance to the warrior cats featured in the series "Warriors" and "Warriors, the new prophecy."
Do you wish to get hold of a kids book? Warriors Field Guide is a brilliant book! Written by Erin Hunter and the publisher is HarperCollins. The book was available on bookshelves around May of 2007. The book is related to Cats and it is regarded as high-quality fiction. This version is the 1st ed. of the book has 176 pages and it provides you with a number of lovely colored illustrations. It's dimensions are 0.6" Height x 9" Length x 6" Width and it weighs roughly 0.88 lbs. Some people proclaim they do not have time to read, however reading can also be a fantastic usage of time, especially with a good book. Try these suggestions and you'll enjoy reading a whole lot more. Let yourself become engrossed throughout this kids book. When you read, picture the actual experience within your mind. You may get as innovative as you choose with the experience mentally. It's undoubtedly place you within the fun as well as pleasure of the kids book. For the best deal on a copy for this kids book and other items, visit our affilate link on this page.

Look within to find:The mystical origins and secret legends of the Clans. Knowledge of cats outside the Clans. An insiders' tour of the Clan camps and territories. The histories and characters of each Clan, and details about their leaders and medicine cats. Prophecies and omens, and how they happen to be fulfilled. The tenets in the warrior code.


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