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Seekers: Return To The Wild #3: River Of Lost Bears

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Seekers Return To The Wild 3 River


Author: Erin Hunter

As the four bears head toward warmer territories, polar bears Kallik and Yakone wonder if they've made a mistake leaving their natural home, while Toklo, desperate to leave the struggles of their journey behind, thinks about leaving the group and starting a new life on his own.
Written by Erin Hunter and it was published around January of 2013 by HarperCollins. The book is all about Bears and it is deemed very good juvenile fiction. This is the 1st ed. of River Of Lost Bears is 320 pages long and it has illustrations. The book focuses on Fantasy. If you prefer a copy of this book, visit our affilate button.

But the forest brings special challenges for the polar bears, Kallik and Yakone. Have they made a mistake, straying from their natural home? As they struggle to continue on, they know that each step is taking them farther from the ice.

Soon Toklo also grows desperate to leave the struggles of their journey behind. or to start a new life on his personal. As the group pushes toward the mountains where brown bears roam, Toklo should decide whether to see the quest through for the finish.


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