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Into The Woods (warriors: Tigerstar And Sasha, No. 1)

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Into The Woods


Author: Erin Hunter / Dan Jolley

Forced to leave her home, Sasha quickly grows tired of life on her own but she is not sure that joining ShadowClan, led by Tigerstar, would be a better choice.
Do you wish to order a kids book? Check out Tigerstar & Sasha , Into the woods by Erin Hunter / Dan Jolley! The author is Erin Hunter / Dan Jolley and it is published by HarperCollins. This kids book was available sometime in September of 2008. In the library the reference number is PZ7.7.H86 War 2008. This version is the 1st ed. of the kids book is 112 pages long and it contains different drawings. We would like for you to get the best price and service when you buy a kids book. Please check out the buyers market button on this page.

Sasha has every little thing she wants: kind housefolk who take care of her throughout the day and the freedom to explore the woods beyond Twolegplace at night. When Sasha meets Tigerstar, leader of Shadow Clan, she wonders whether she would be better off joining the ranks of his forest Clan. But Tigerstar has many secrets, and Sasha must decide whether or not she can trust him. But when Sasha is forced to leave her home, she really should forge a solitary new life in the forest. Life on her own is exciting at initial but quickly gets lonely.


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